Welcome to Spaces for the Future

Welcome to the blog for Spaces for the Future! This weekly blog features methods, epistemologies, themes, and discussion pieces, all focused on underscapes, urban refabulations, and mobilities. How does religion grow and change in an urban environment? What do we mean when we say “religiosity?” Just what are underscapes, urban refabulations, and mobilities, and how can we see them around us?

Each week leading up to the May 9 symposium, Spirited Topographies, we will be highlighting not only a particular topic, but how a member of Spaces for the Future applies the topic to his or her work. Last week, we discussed photo-essays as a method for multimedia presentations and featured Co-PI Smriti Srinivas’s photo-essay, “Placing Urban Sacrality.

Check back regularly for new posts. Our blog is open for comments, and we welcome spirited, respectful discussions.

April 4 Updates

New flyer for Spirited Topographies is now available with current information on panels and papers! Check the Symposia tab for more information.

February 21 Updates:

Update your bookmarks! The internet home of Spaces for the Future is now located at urbanreligions.net.

May’s symposium Spirited Topographies has updated information under the Symposia tab. New bios, schedules, and abstracts are available and ready for download from the main page.

The blog is live! Check back every Friday at 5pm (PST) for updates and discussion posts.

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