Public Humanities Initiative

Spaces for the Future aims to incorporate a public humanities focus through collaborative work in/on Sacramento.  As California’s capital city, Sacramento is home to institutions of governance, but it is also a dynamic cultural space in which California’s diverse religious and ethnic communities converge to create new forms of religiosity in the urban landscape. Hybrid and vernacular religious sites associated with evangelical Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Confucian, and Buddhist traditions have emerged along Elder Creek Road, a thoroughfare in Sacramento’s outskirts that incorporates, besides those religious spaces, abandoned and repurposed military sites, low-income housing, stores catering to specific ethnic communities, tattoo and pawn shops, a Salvation Army center, and yoga studios. This thoroughfare, set within a mottled urban fabric of both abandonment and reinvention, exemplifies the improvisational dimensions of urban life, along with informal and transversal economic and social ventures that may sustain it.

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