George Lipsitz

American Studies as Accompanimentwritten with Barbara Tomlinson

Sunaina Maira

Belly Dancing: Arab-Face, Orientalist Feminism, and U.S. Empire (PDF)

Deporting Radicals, Deporting La Migra: The Hayat Case in Lodi (PDF)

Youth Culture and Youth Movements: United States (PDF)

Youth Culture, Citizenship and Globalization: South Asian Muslim Youth in the United States after September 11th (PDF)

Christina Schwenkel

Civilizing the City: Socialist Ruins and Urban Renewal in Vietnam (PDF)

Post/Socialist Affect: Ruination and Reconstruction of the Nation in Urban Vietnam (PDF)

Smriti Srinivas

Warrior Goddess versus Bipedal Cow: Sport, Space, Performance and Planning in an Indian City (PDF)
written with James Heitzman

Finding the Faithful in an Urban Jungle (PDF)
profile piece by Neha Mujumdar

Roxanne Varzi

The Whole World Blind
sound installation at Public Books

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